Social Factor

Social Factor was developed as the social work extension of Agronature, to help build a community of farming practice- for students, researchers, farmers, and other interested parties. Social Factor provides a range of immersive internship programs, rural experiential programs, one-time field visits, and introduces the life of rural India and farm life to visitors. Social Factor is also an incubator for entrepreneurial initiatives that will help transform the lives of rural communities.  

Recognizing a strong need among educational institutions to place students and researchers in a real agricultural setting that facilitates learning and practice, the programs that have been designed here are both dynamic and focused on creating a collaborative community of knowledge sharing.

One Day Project Visit

This program will be an introduction to the work Agronature conducts with specific farming projects. A general overview will be provided along with any inputs for future visits will be shared. Visitors will be given a chance to interact with the leaders of the SHGs, to understand the diverse agricultural activities in the area.

 Short-term Project Visits

Intended for students, researchers, or freelancers who have a research plan, this program will help the participant understand the farming project within a short duration. Through this program, the participant will be provided time-bound projects to help them understand the process of farming.

A work/study module can be developed collaboratively with Agronature co-ordinators and the participant’s academic requirements so that the time spent will be beneficial to all involved parties.


One Week Rural Immersion Camp

 Agronature will facilitate one-week rural immersion camps for participants who are interested in experiencing rural life in one of our project locations, which will include participation in the farming modules at the said location.

The program will also cover, interaction with local cultural activities, participation in community asset creation, participation in a community survey, village cultural fest, etc.

One Month Rural Immersion Program

 As part of essential curriculum fulfillment for programs like social work, community health, development studies, and business management, this one-month rural immersion program will help participants understand the full scope of the project. This program is designed to be proactive and collaborative. Each participant will receive a customised work plan, devised by the Agronature co-ordinator and the participant, so that the participant may complete their academic requirements and have a fulfilling experience in the program.

Participants will be given guidance and supervision along the way, while they develop their competence in agricultural practices, community organizing, and planning sustainable livelihood strategies.

Sprint Research Projects

Having witnessed the need for short-term research projects, Sprint Research Project has been developed by Social Factor as an opportunity for researchers who have short-term research needs and require an opportunity to work alongside our projects to meet their academic requirements. Opportunities to undertake small research projects in the areas of local economic development, sustainable livelihood practices, organic farming, issues and challenges in co-operatives, rural development, urbanization challenges, and prospectus of rural tourism and promotion of cultural heritage are all covered in this program.

Comprehensive Research Programs in Building Sustainable Communities

Agronature projects are based on building sustainable communities in the rural areas of India. Farming as a commercially viable and environmentally sustainable practice is the essential framework of our operations.

Researchers and academicians who are interested in collaborating on long-term projects in this area will find this program suited to meet their needs. There will be support in terms of on-the-ground farming practitioners who can help participants navigate their program experience.


General Volunteering Opportunities

Participants who are interested in volunteering their time towards working on a greater cause are invited to join us in actualising the next development steps for rural India. This program is not just for students, but retirees, homemakers, and others who believe their role can help in the socio-economic development of rural communities.

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