Folklogue is the community development subsidiary of Agronature
We operate with a commitment towards helping build resilient communities. We do this by putting in place a network of sustainable and commercially viable solutions that is both rooted in the community, and continues to move the community towards a more economically and environmentally resilient future.

By creating a transparent and accessible process of development, our aim is to build capacity in communities through an accountable and sustainable methodology. With the aim of creating a better world for all, the United Nations unveiled the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. At the heart of the 2030 agenda are the Sustainable Development Goals. Using the 17 goals as a blueprint as a guide, our work is a plan of action driven by strategies to create better, for planet-people-prosperity.

Our Projects
1. Chela:
The largest heritage and small scale industry of Ernakulam district has been in the news for the constant onslaught of natural perils and a rapidly changing economic and technical world that has left behind the looms in the past. Chendamangalam handlooms also has the coveted ‘Geographical Indications Tag’. Caught in a timewarp, Chendamangalam is ready for a makeover.

Chela is a project where Folklogue has been working under the authorisation of Circle Cooperative Union in North Paravur, Ernakulam District. In the initial stages we created a comprehensive plan for all the weaving units at Chendamangalam Handloom Weaving Cooperative Societies. This project is aimed at heralding a revival of an economically viable weaving industry, and livelihoods, and addresses regional development in Chendamangalam Kaithari to positively impact the region at large.

2. Cooploom:

The Cooploom project is an e-commerce platform fully established to support the primary handloom weaving cooperative societies, and being financially supported by NABARD under the Gramya Vikas Yojana. Handloom industries across India suffer from a lack of marketing and limited reach to the final customer. To remedy the issues of access and marketing, Cooploom is being launched as a worldwide e-commerce platform. This project will be piloted with the Chendamangalam Handloom Weaving Cooperative Societies, and will progressively add new cooperatives from across Kerala to this platform.

This platform will ensure direct purchase of Kerala handlooms from weavers cooperatives. Each of the handloom products will be 100% traceable to the weaver who made the product, and the region it comes from. Cooploom is a transparent and future forward step for our handloom cooperatives. As a new frontier in terms of market reach, customer interaction, and product diversification; Cooploom is a new next step in the right direction for Kerala Handloom Cooperatives.